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7 Important Factors For SEO

SEO is a process to optimize the website to improve the Websites Search Engine Rankings.It is normally reffered as “Organic”or “Natural”results. SEO is basically optimizing or continuously improving the performance on website in order to bring better visibility on Search Engine results.
SEO includes On-page and Off-page activities to increase the rankings.On-Page SEO simply means to optimize our own website.Off-Page SEO means optimization over external websites which links to your website.

Important Factors For SEO Are:

1) An Accessible URL:
The First of our SEO factors has to do with the right kind of URL. Specifically the URL that can be easily accessed by Google and crawled. In simple words Google has to be able to visit the URL and look at the content of the page. Indexing Or site mapping every page of website is important in order to make each page visible.

2) Optimized Content :
Content is the king. It reflects your brand value. It is very much important for one to use the fresh and original content for the SEO. As Google always relies on keywords, keywords always plays an important role. Keyword is basically a word or phrases the researcher use when looking or searching for any information. Use of the proper keywords may be a benefit and negative one leads to the duplicate content and affects the SEO.

3) Link Building:
The web is built on links, so naturally it plays an important role in SEO. Basically there are three types of links to be considered

1.Inbound Links: Google uses inbound links as one of way to determine how relevant is your content.
2.Outbound Links: Secondly outbound links is basically where link is included to the appropriate part of the content in others authoritative website.
3.Internal Links: Internal links is primarily linking our own content in order to make pages appropriately visible to both visitors and Google.

4) Social Content:
We are all well-known with the power of social media. When people share your content on social networks it’s a sign that it is valuable. So it is very much important to have social media presence and to post frequently information, images, blog, videos etc. for time to time engagement.

5) Responsive Web Design:
Responsive web design can positively influence the rankings or traffic. Responsive design enables and empowers to target more audience. As we see more and more people use mobile devices these days, it’s important for the site to be mobile optimized. At the same time the speed of the pages of the site has to be monitored in order to improve users experience

6) Brand Promotion with google:

In order to make your business visible it is very much important to localize your business with Google. Business listings on Google My Business and Facebook is one of the most crucial factors surely helps in the lead generation.

7) Reputation Management:

In recent times, User Interaction and User experience have become one of the most crucial factors for getting the SEO rankings. UI and UE have the power to attract more and more clients which is beneficial to boost and bring the traffic or visibility on website.

SEO is a very viable marketing outlet that can bring your business more qualified leads and customers. It provides a business visibility, branding, web traffic, a high ROI, credibility, and insight into customer behaviour. Hence SEO is very much important process.