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What is Google My Business?

Have you thought about how you really need to get your Google My Business listing sorted? Well there has never been a better time than right now to get started! We are offering our very popular Google My Business Course for free right now! This is literally the very first thing you can optimise to increase traffic and get leads for your business & website.

We walk you through the process to get your business optimised on GMB. Download the checklist and signup for our free Google  Business Course now!

Why you need to get on Google My Business?

google my business training course

As a digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of getting as much exposure on Google as possible.

Google has dominated the search engine market for many years and as of May 2022 Google maintains a whopping 86.86% share.

That means when Google says jump, we say, how high! Other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Baidu are gaining momentum, but Google remains to leader.

With the power of online search, it is vital for any business to be front and centre on Google. If you aren’t there, you won’t be found!

Optimizing Google My Business will

  • Drive customer engagement
  • Essential for Local SEO
  • Help your website rank better
  • Control what your audience sees about your business
  • Control info and services
  • Manage reviews
  • Showcase your brand
  • Manage online reviews

Google my business training courses teach small business owners how to optimize their Google services and websites in order to increase online visibility and improve their local rankings. The course is offered in a variety of different formats, such as available on-demand or live events, so it’s convenient for any size business. Enrolling in a class or internship typically involves about 7 hours of study and typically costs between $30 and $50.

learn Google my business

Benefits of Google My Business Course

Learn Google My Business Online

The benefits of this course are countless, spanning from more exposure to SEO strategies to increased web traffic. You’ll sharpen your skills and gain an edge that your business may have been missing! It’s truly a win-win for both you and the client.

Here is a list of benefits that you can expect to receive from taking a Google my business course:

  • Increased traffic to your site. This is a big one! Google will crawl your site more often if it is properly optimized for mobile devices, which helps your rankings on mobile search as well as desktop. Not only does this mean better SEO for your customers, but it also means they’ll be more likely to view your site on their smartphone or tablet, which usually results in more conversions.
  • You’ll learn how to set up Google location extensions that align with your business locations. This is an excellent way to increase web traffic and boost your local referrals – and can help you rank higher on local search results. With the right data, the right targeting, the right content, and a little help from Google (they do update their maps and databases frequently), you’ll be able to update your information and make sure it is accurate and fresh.
  • Your site will be visually appealing to your target audience because after all, you’re the face of your business! This means that Android users will be even more inclined to search for your business since they’ll come across your information on mobile devices.
  • You’ll have access to an extensive library of Google marketing courses that will keep you up-to-date on changes in the constantly changing SEO landscape. There are various ways to improve ranking on Google. These include keyword targeting, content marketing, and PPC advertising. These are just a few of the strategies that have helped me increase our website traffic.
  • You’ll have the ability to easily update your business description, photos, hours of operation, contact information, and more. This eliminates the need for you to create individual accounts on Yelp, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Google my business is widely used by many people searching for local businesses, so it’s smart to have a presence there!
  • You will be able to connect with local customers via Google. Not only will this increase your visibility, but it will help you reach out to customers and increase traffic. You can also use the service to respond to the customer in real-time and in an effective manner.
  • You can view reliable and detailed analytics in your dashboard. This tool offers a wide range of information on key performance indicators, showing you how users are engaging with your site via social media, videos, images, and more. Plus, you can receive information on how customers interact with your business by clicking through Google’s local listings or Google Maps.
  • Through Google my business, you can create an interconnected web of social media accounts. This means that they’ll all be connected via one main source! It’s much easier to manage everything in one place instead of having to log into 5 or more different accounts.
  • You can access real-time data on how your business is doing on the front end. Through Google, you can see how users are engaging with your business via Google Maps and by clicking through on local listings. This helps you understand what areas of your business require improvement, and what areas need to be under more scrutiny.
  • As an added bonus, you’ll now have the ability to create a website for your company (if it doesn’t currently exist). By combining with Google+, you can create a fan page that is owned by your business.

With all the benefits mentioned above, it’s easy to see why taking a GMB  course is highly beneficial. After spending some time and effort learning how to use the tool, you’ll realize that this is an excellent resource for any small business to take advantage of!

The Google my business course usually focuses on the following topics:

How to create a business listing on Google Maps. You can actually make a profile for your company by going to www.google.com/business. Follow the steps provided on this page to create your listing with all the specific details you’d like to include (such as an address, phone number, website, images, etc). You’ll need to complete this step before moving on with the rest of the course.

How to optimize your Google My Business listing. I’ll teach you how to use the “Listing Optimization Checklist”, which is very similar to the checklist that you can find on the “Manage” tab on your Google My Business dashboard. If you’re new to SEO, or if you don’t understand what’s being asked for, this is really the only way to help your local rankings.

How to create an online store with Google Commerce. This will involve creating a storefront on your company website and linking it back to your Google My Business listing.

How to use social media, video, and images in your local business listing. Google My Business accounts can include a rich snippet of content on the business listing which you can see via a search.

How to get more customers from your local business listing. This involves using social media, email marketing, and SEO strategies to boost traffic from your website and improve your ranking.

Google my business online course

If you don’t have a business account with Google, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to reach your local search rankings. There are multiple effective ways to improve your local search rankings with the help of Google my business learning. That’s where these courses come in. They’ll walk you through all the necessary steps for setting up your profile, optimizing it, and using key tools to boost traffic in order to climb in position on your local search rankings page.

Google my business certification course

Google my business certification course is the most comprehensive training to learn about Google My Business Certification. This course is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs to learn about Google My Business Certification. This program offers a clear and comprehensive guide for business owners and entrepreneurs on how to get the most out of Google My Business training Certification. Digital Infinite  covers the following Google my business local business listing course topics with hands-on experience.

Modules: Google My Business Course Syllabus

  • Overview of Google My Business
  • Google My Business Account setup
  • Step by step guide to creating Google My
  • Business Page
  • Understanding GMB Brand page & Business Listing on Google
  • How to create posts on the GMB page
  • How to create an Offer on the GMB page
  • How to create the trending Google posts
  • Tips and tricks to improve Local SEO with your GMB business profile
  • Latest updates and features of Google My Business
  • Step by Step guide to create GMB website builder
  • How to Avoid Making mistakes on Google My Business listing
  • How to increase GMB page reviews from customers
  • How to use citations, NAP, Reviews
  • How to track them for your business
  • Track Google My Business Insights
  • Google My Business guidelines and listing policy
  • Tools to improve Google My Business page
  • Q & A Session for GMB

Google my business certification organization and course overview

Google my business learning certification (a.k.a. Google my business workshop) is an online or in-person training that will help businesses learn more about how they can use the various advertising tools that are available on their website. The workshop will describe all the different methods you can use to raise visibility in local search results using your company website, videos, social media profiles, images, etc. This course usually consists of a mixture of webinars, live online sessions, or face-to-face meetings that are designed to help you learn about the different functions that are available on Google MyBusiness. This includes teaching you what you need to do to set up a profile on your website, how to optimize it, and getting more customers from these digital marketing tools. The main topics covered in the pre-work session will be:

How to create a local business listing on Google My Business. It’s free and very simple to set up. You can go to www.google.com/business/locations to create a profile for your business.

How to use the Google My Business logo. This is a highly important tool that businesses can use to show up on various Google Maps and Search result pages on the internet. It’s an easy way to help boost visibility in local search results.

How to optimize a listing with a checklist. The more customers you have, the more search traffic you’ll get from your website, and more customers from these searches will come from online marketing tools such as email marketing, social media marketing, trade shows, and competitions.

How to use images, videos, and social media profiles in your local listing.

Google My Business (GMB) course certification

If you are looking “Where to learn GMB course “ the you are at right place,  Our module for GMB Verification Course are about the different sections of Google My Business Certification. There are sections that teach you how to claim your business listing, how to use your website’s internal tools to gain visibility on Google Maps and Search results pages, how to get more customers from these tools, and more! Google My Business  certification is available for businesses and individuals who operate, administer or manage a website or other online assets such as YouTube or Facebook pages. This free service is designed to help you gain more visibility in local search results by showing up on various Google Maps and Search result pages. This includes identifying the most effective techniques for:

Creating a local business listing on Google Maps and Search result pages where your business can be located and identified. It’s free and very simple to set up. You can go to https://www.google.com/business/locations to create a profile for your business.

Use the Google My Business logo to help boost your visibility on local search results pages. You can use this service to create a profile for your business, and it’s important because it helps your company stand out from other businesses in your area. There is huge difference between the Google certification courses and GMB Verification course , Google Certification course which is also called as Google fundamental course is all about the understanding the Google where as Google Verification also know ass Google My Profile Course is all about Creating and Optimizing Google Map or Google Business and ranking in top in Google Search Engine.

The importance of getting customers by reaching out to other online marketing tools such as email marketing, social media profiles, etc. All these actions are designed to help your company will rank better on local search results pages.

Conclusion :-

In conclusion, by completing this Google my business course you will learn how to use online marketing tools to help your company stand out from others in the area. If you are having a doubt that  from Where to learn Google my business  Dizital Udyog is the right institute for you, don’t hesitate to check !.You can also learn Google my business online. You may contact +9967888222

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