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How to Avoid Getting Banned on Facebook

Nowadays everyone wants to get maximum Facebook likes, reach and Followers within a very short time. But it’s very difficult to organically increase reach on Facebook brand page. Hence many Facebook users (especially Businessmen) try unethical practices to get maximum Facebook reach, likes & followers. But we have to keep in mind that, Facebook account can be banned due to the use of unethical practices.

Important Points to Avoid Getting Banned from Facebook

  • Use Your Real Name

Always use your real name. Never create a dummy profile on Facebook. Use of wrong/dummy name or surname is against the rules of Facebook and that will block or suspend Facebook account permanently. If anyone uses a fake name then Facebook can ask for authentication by asking for an identity document. Hence we have to create a Facebook account by using our genuine Name and Identity.

  • Never Add Unknown People

Unknown people can report to Facebook that you really do not know them and the system can prevent users to send friend requests for 30 days. Continuously sending friend requests can also lead to a ban of your account. Hence we have to send a friend request to familiar people only. We should also not send too many friend requests to people.

  • Do Not Publish/Share Too Much

 Many people have a tendency of sharing and publishing posts continuously because they think that sharing or publishing posts in a huge quantity can increase their likes, followers, and reviews. But this is not true. There are certain protocols of Facebook to share/publish posts. Sharing or publishing 10 posts or more than 5 posts within two minutes is considered too much by Facebook. Hence we have to share/publish limited but authentic posts within a specific time period otherwise Facebook will block users for publish/spam automation.

  • Do Not Post Too Much on Groups and/or Pages

As per the protocols, we should not share too many posts in groups within a day and should not join more than 2 groups for a day. Generally, business owners share maximum posts in a group to get more reach, publicity of their products or services but this activity can be risky as Facebook can ban users from sharing any post in a group/page permanently or for a specific time period.    

  • Do Not Submit Duplicate Posts

Facebook can easily detect duplicate posts or contents hence if anyone sends duplicate posts to numerous people within a shorter period of time then it can be reported as spam or promotional content and it is against the Rules of Facebook. The same applies to posts on friend’s timelines or pages and groups.

  • Do Not Become a Member of Too Many Groups

Many Facebook users especially business owners become a member of numerous groups to promote their products or services. We can become a member as per our interest and avoid membership of useless groups. We have to join only ACTIVE groups.

  • No Adult Content, Violence and Threats, Bullying and Hate Speech Content

Facebook has stringent rules about publishing Sexual, Violent, and Hate speech. No one can publish or share adult, violent, and hate speech posts on Facebook. Never use unambiguous images because these types of content interrupt the standards of the community and maybe reported by other Facebook users.

  • Never Try to Get Likes by Inorganic Way

Many users practice unethical/Inorganic ways to get more and more likes but Facebook can easily differentiate between Genuine and fake likes. Getting fake likes in an unethical way is a serious activity and Facebook can ban accounts. Constantly clicking on the like button, on posts and comments on Facebook by automated software can easily be detected by the Facebook system and can be termed as Spam. Hence it is always better to try getting genuine likes only.

  • Never use bot software 

Never use bots for any social media to increase the page likes, followers, post likes, or subscribe to your channels.  Facebook easily recognizes it and may ban you permanently.

  • Don’t do any activity very fast and in less time gap way
  1. Inviting members
  2. Giving reviews
  3. Joining group members
  4. Like page
  5. Comment post

Share the post in multiple groups

Don’t do these activities in a very fast way, do in the gap of 30 mins to 1 hour

Facebook is FREE Tool, and do you know where does Facebook earns income? Yes, it’s through its Facebook Ads.  So if Facebook feels you are trying to reach a maximum number of people in a short period of time then it will punish you. 

Facebook always encourage to use its Ads tool to reach a maximum number of target people. So don’t use shortcuts. If your post is Valuable, impressive then don’t worry it will automatic will reach a large number of people by engagement.