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Mr. Kaushal Pandey

Kaushal Pandey

With more than eight years of experience working in the field of digital marketing knowledge of customer experience and more than 15 years of experience in the field of healthcare, The Mr. Kaushal Pandey has. The Mr. Kaushal Pandey helped build and grow many businesses as well as healthcare professionals by using digital marketing.

We are delighted to present to you our good friend the Mr. Kaushal Pandey.

Kaushal Pandey

Mr. Kaushal Pandey is a expertly skilled and experienced marketer with an extensive experience with digital platforms.

He. was Mr. Kaushal Pandey was working as the Hospital Administrator and CEO of numerous well-known hospitals for over 12 years in the beginning stages of my profession. Additionally, he had the opportunity to work with a range of well-known doctors.

He. is Mr. Kaushal Pandey has tremendous expertise in the industry that covers Hospital Marketing, Doctors Marketing as well as all sorts of hospital administrative tasks. At present, he’s an instructor in Digital Marketing Trainer, as also a consultant for Digital Marketing Mumbai as well as an Healthcare Marketing Consultant in Mumbai.

Kaushal Pandey

He. is Mr. Kaushal Pandey started his own Medical Tourism Agency named “Hopeland Medical Tourism” in the year 2009. He. Mr. Kaushal Pandey has a aim to provide the most up-to-date medical treatment to Nigerian patients as well as assist India to cement its position in the category of “Best Medical Tourism destination across the World”.

The M. Kaushal Pandey has visited Nigeria twice and has conducted many health camps in Nigerian. He is a doctor. Kaushal Pandey has doctors CME and has organized numerous surgery clinics across Nigeria. All of this has been done by his. His. Kaushal Pandey successfully assisted more than 400 Nigerian patients to receive the highest quality treatment available in India to date. His Medical Tourism team has conducted numerous successful medical camps across various locations within African Countries.

In addition, at the same at the same time the Mr. Kaushal Pandey has also launched an personal Digital Marketing Agency named “Hopeland Healthcare” in 2016. It is focused on the online promotion of Doctors, Diagnostic Centers & Hospitals. His main goal is to create new strategies for digital marketing to create a web presence and online visibility for Doctors and Hospitals.

With a solid experience in Digital Marketing he has started an Digital Marketing Training Institute and Digital Marketing Agency by name “Digital Infinite” in the year 2018. Digital Marketing was booming at this time. The main reason for Digital Infinite was to teach and educate students interested to learn about Digital Marketing as Career opportunity. In addition, Professor. Kaushal Pandey also trained many business owners who are seeking to learn Digital Marketing for their business.

He is Mr. Kaushal Pandey works as an expert in marketing with over eight years of experience working in his field of expertise in the Digital Marketing industry. The self-taught professional has worked with big and small companies to help them reach their goals in marketing. He is proficient in online marketing channels and is able to reach out to people using various methods that include mailing marketing Facebook along with SEO (search engine optimization). (SEO).

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a key element in the field of digital marketing. SEO is the method of gaining the maximum amount of traffic from organic, free and natural results from the internet.

Pay-Per-Click / Google Adwords

PPC is among the most important forms of digital marketing, which includes the promotion of websites through increasing their visibility on search engine results pages by using ads that are paid for.

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The concept of content marketing has become the mainstay that makes up digital marketing. Blogging is a crucial element of the process. Blogs are mostly dependent on quality and well-known content to achieve the most effective results.

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Email Marketing can be utilized to advertise business or products by sending mass emails to targeted people who might have an interest in the service or product.

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YouTube is the most popular and widely watched free video sharing platform on internet. YouTube marketing is one of the most influential parts of digital marketing.