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Top 5 Reasons To Date some type of computer Geek

From the the occasions whenever having an extreme fascination with personal computers and innovation had been thought about a bad thing.  I never understood exactly what those guys inside my highschool were carrying out, hunched over their old-school mac computers and discussing RAM.  It sounded like a different vocabulary and thus nerdy!  Quickly forward many years, and dudes who’re into techy, computer stuff have been in popular and there’s just some thing about those so-called “nerds” that many females are unable to get an adequate amount of, such as me!  Exactly what do I say, We have a weakness for men that knows his method around a hard drive and has their way with HTML.  Listed here are my top five reasons why you should date a pc geek…and I should understand, I’m dating certainly my own!

1. He can correct everything.  This will be specially convenient for girls anything like me who have a propensity to break situations quite a bit ???? .  But here’s finished ., although he doesn’t learn how to fix something-for instance, your car or laptop, he’ll google it until he is blue into the face.  He’s going to pull up lessons on Youtube, install step by step pdfs, to get the job completed.  A computer technical wouldn’t state “I’m not sure how-to accomplish that…”, he always figures it out-and that kind of perseverance is fairly really sexy sugar mommy.

2. They have their hands regarding the pulse of society. I consider my self a very Internet savvy lady and an entire social media addict. Pc geeks go one step further though.  They know what web sites to visit when, your best possible and the majority of current info.  My personal date consistently g-chats myself website links through-out the afternoon of breaking news stories that I haven’t also heard of, whether i am closed into twitter/facebook/foursquare…which i usually am! I’ll most likely never know-how the guy does it, but I look ahead to my gchats everyday.

3. They don’t need continual interest.  You probably know how some guys require non-stop compliments and attention?  Maybe not computer system geeks. They’ve discovered playing independently, which is great when you need to have a stuff done!   This business would be the happiest if it is just  them, some songs as well as their additional hard disk drives.  Hmm..that sounded some dirtier than we supposed!  You simply won’t must consistently captivate them-they will not ever use up all your points to explore online.

4. You may never wander off.  A few weeks in the past, my personal sweetheart required on a birthday trip to bay area.  We’d little idea which place to go to eat, to look, to understand more about and did not carry out much thinking ahead of time.  I became quite stressed we’d miss out on some very nice locations, however at all!  The guy simply busted out his iphone, google maps, yelp, metropolitan spoon and navigated united states around the city like he had been my individual trip tips guide.  It had been so fun, and I also felt thus looked after.  In case you are attending do this though and entirely rely on handheld technologies, be sure you seize your cellphone charger on your way out the door.

5. You’ll always get plenty.  Before I started dating my personal boyfriend, I becamen’t the most significant enthusiast of internet shopping.  It appeared a pain for the ass and more high priced once you factored in transport and I liked the instant satisfaction obtain from taking walks into a local store and walking out with something new.  My sweetheart launched me to the realm of Ebay (yes, I gotn’t made use of Ebay before, you should not assess), searching online for coupon codes for discounts and free delivery, and revealed me the good thing about reading reviews-now we browse critiques on just about anything before I purchase it, it is newer and more effective weird addiction.  Yes, i may need hold off a couple of days for all the post to arrive but I stored such cash since I have began making use of their small tips and tricks that I’ll most likely never return to my personal outdated purchasing routines!

 Have you ever dated a computer technical?